An every day story

A tale about loss, grief and forgiveness

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An Everyday Story is a 3D horizontal Story-Driven Platform game. We will explore the memories of man through the point of view of three little trinkets that he holds dear, since they represent the bonds with his loved ones.

Tin Soldier Cover The story is about an Italian-American man's life, going from his childhood ('70) until his old age (2020). He loses his father in combat when he's 7 years old; this will cause him to live all his life with the fear of being abandoned by his dear ones.

Since very young he becomes interested in artisanship; therefore he travels to Italy to discover his roots and learn more about the craft. There he meets the woman he'll love forever: they soon marry and then have a son.

After a brief period of internship, he opens his own business: a small handmade toy shop. With time passing by though, the marriage falls apart, escalating to an accident that burns down half of the house they live in. This results in his wife and son abandoning him to his loneliness



Steam Boat

The symbol of love between the protagonist and his wife. The boat can carry and pull the heaviest stuff with its anchor, navigate water and push objects to move them.

Tin Soldier

The protagonist holds dear this keepsake because it is the last memory he has of his father. The tin soldier is able to grapple to metallic objects and swing, use a parachute and shoot down small objects to reach otherwise inaccessible places.

Bat Origami

It represents the bond between the protagonist and his father. The origami can jump, glide and thin itself to overcome obstacles. Watch out for flames and grasshoppers!

  • Steam boat


About Us

Cactus Production is a young, international reality focused on creating story driven experiences.

We aim to craft emotional experiences accessible for all kinds of Players.

  • Roberto Vergine


    Game Designer


  • Alessio Oliva


  • Riccardo Vacca

    2D Artist

    Concept Artist

  • Francesco Zarbá

    3D Artist


  • Noemi Pizzolorusso

    3D Artist

  • Irene Mussi

    2D Artist

    Concept Artist

  • Luca Larcher

    Unity Programmer

  • Rodrigo Noales

    Music Composer

    Sfx Design

    Web Developer

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